The story behind The Filter Box

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I started in 2014 to make my life simpler.  I was aggravated by the process of going to the store to buy filters AND I never remembered when to change them.  I built this business to make life simpler, easier and healthier for my family and yours. 

Shortly after I started the business we found out our family would grow- from 2 kids to 4 kids.  We also found out one of the twins, Kennedy, would have Down syndrome and a serious heart defect requiring surgeries. As a result, I went back to work in early 2015 and put the filter business on the back burner.

Jacob and Kennedy were born in June 2015. With our two older children, Alexis and David, we’ve embraced being a family of six. We’ve had more laughter, more tears, more carpools, more therapies, more hospital stays, more support, and more friends than we ever imagined.

In early 2017, we made the decision to put our focus back on to take care of Kennedy’s future. We want to ensure that she has access to funds for services needed to help her reach her full potential and become the best “Kennedy” she can be.  The best way to do this is to create a business for her to have one day.  But that’s not all- as they say…

We want to ensure a bright future for all individuals like Kennedy who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.  A percentage of our profit from The Filter Box goes directly into our own KennedyStrong Foundation,, to create programs and services for individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential. 

We invite you to join us in making the world a better place for Kennedy and her friends through your support of The Filter Box. You’ll make your own life simpler and help KennedyStrong Foundation to make a difference in the community at large.

Thank you for reading our story,

The Boone Family - Brendon, Betsy, Alexis, David, Jacob & Kennedy

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